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Irep Inc. is an award-winning global digital marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area and headquartered in Japan. Founded in 1997 and currently ranked No. 1 in Japan for performance-based marketing, our agency’s data-driven digital solutions effectively guide our diverse international clientele to lasting success.

Our services are digitally centered and include marketing and creative projects, strategy and analytics, and product and service localization. Utilizing data every step of the way, we build bridges to success for businesses looking to grow in Japan, Asia, and beyond.

In addition to our profound knowledge of the Japanese consumer and broader Asian market, our vast business network spans over 20 countries across North America, Asia, and Europe.

Company cornerstones

Four core values form the basis of Irep Inc.’s entire philosophy for achieving success. The principles we stand for and believe in are powerful forces that intentionally guide our work.

We believe in data

We are lovers of logic completely committed to achieving harmony between the ‘human factor’ and the numbers. A combination of data and a deep understanding of human behavior form the north star that guides our decision-making and verifies every result.

We believe in suppleness

Problem solvers by nature, we love square one. Acknowledging when something’s not working is a vital part of our process. When circumstances or needs evolve, we are quick to adapt.

We believe in candor

We can only do our best work when everyone is on the same page, which is why openness is the foundation of our highly collaborative culture. The results born from this straightforward sincerity are a testament to the energy and dependability of every IREP team member.

We believe in happiness

We are in this business because we genuinely enjoy helping others succeed. We emphasize relationships because we understand that our clients’ ultimate goal is making their customers happy. Across our client network and team, the contentment of everyone involved in a project is our priority.

No. 1 in Japan for performance-based advertising

We have led the digital marketing industry for over 20 years and are currently ranked number one in Japan for performance-based advertising.

Digital Marketing Market in Japan


  • Based on the Advertising Expenditure Reports of Japan (Dentsu) and related companies (2019)
  • Top share in trade volume for performance-based ads (Japan)

    Performance-based ads: We define search ads and display ads that require optimization

Our clients’ success is the best reward

Numerous noteworthy organizations have honored IREP’s achievements. We are proud to share the accolades we have received for our meticulous expertise, innovative solutions, and unparalleled commitment to our clients.

  • Google Premier Partner Awards

    Awarded two top prizes in the “Best in Japan”
    category: Search Ads and Shopping Ads

  • Yahoo! JAPAN Marketing Solutions Diamond Partner

    Multiple-time recipient of the “Search Ad” award and the only agency in Japan to win “Best Agency” 14 years in a row. The “diamond” designation refers to the program’s most elite division

  • Adobe Media Manager Gold Agency

    The “gold” rank is the highest level awarded in this program

  • Criteo Certified Partner – 5 STARS

    Certified in July 2018

  • Facebook Marketing Partner

    Certified in September 2019

Two decades of dynamic growth

We got our start in 1997 as a humble internet incubator in Tokyo. Nine years later, we joined the Hakuhodo DY Group, one of the world’s largest advertising holdings. Today, we are considered Japan’s number one performance-based marketing agency. As we continue building our company’s future, we remain committed to internal growth and expanding our global reach.

Enduring success in Japan and beyond

Hundreds of businesses have achieved cycles of lasting success with us. More than 20 years of supporting clients from a vast array of industries has furnished our team with hands-on knowledge of many specialized and niche markets. Whether in the arena of e-commerce and retail, gaming and mobile applications, SaaS and software, or travel and tourism, we owe our success as marketers to our visionary clientele.

Results delivered for


happy clients

Irep Inc. sales by client industry 2019 Q4 – 2020 Q3

Featured clients

IREP Co., Ltd and Irep Inc.

Active interconnectivity sets us apart

With deep roots in Japan and membership in the Hakuhodo DY Group, IREP’s global network now extends across more than 20 countries. International synergy allows us to harness digital’s reach in unique ways and globally optimize our solutions. By working with us, advertisers, media firms, and content publishers benefit directly from the Group’s cutting-edge innovations, driving the evolution of marketing worldwide.

Passionate about the power of digital

Our team of highly-skilled creative experts hail from different fields and work shoulder-to-shoulder exploring the issues that matter to our clients. Driven by a shared commitment to our clients’ success and the data, we develop meticulous strategies, set numerical targets, devise effective measures, and bring them to fruition. Then, we celebrate the results.

Masami Kuroda


Masami began his career at IREP Co., Ltd. in Japan, where he initially worked on digital marketing strategies for various industries. In 2014, Masami founded his own firm, providing comprehensive business consulting with a digital marketing emphasis. In 2019, he was appointed CEO of Irep Inc. and established the company’s global organization and North American subsidiary. He is also the owner of several restaurants in Tokyo.

Atsushi Takahashi

Head of Integrated Marketing

Before joining Irep Inc., Atsushi developed global marketing communications strategies for startups as well as multinational corporations at Saatchi & Saatchi Tokyo and Hakuhodo Inc. He then shifted to management consulting and specialized in digital transformation and data analytics at Accenture. Atsushi is also an experienced researcher with an extensive network in smart city and mobility.

Mayuka Inaba

Head of Business Development

Mayuka led several global marketing projects at Asatsu-DK in Tokyo before moving to New York City, where she worked for an experiential marketing agency as well as a creative agency. She then earned her master’s degree in global fashion management from FIT and engaged in e-commerce marketing at UNIQLO USA as a Tomodachi-Uniqlo fellow. At Irep Inc., she oversees offline & online marketing, creative, and localization projects for global clients.

Yuri Sasamoto

Head of Sales

Yuri came to Irep Inc. after seven years at Blue Note Japan, where he worked as a talent buyer and tour production manager. His experience supporting artists translates directly to his work bringing maximum market visibility to his clients’ products and services. Yuri’s focused approach to listening allows him to understand his clients’ most imposing challenges then offer them individually curated solutions.

Michael Hara

Account Manager

Michael is a SF Bay Area native with 21+ years of experience in various industries. Prior to joining Irep Inc., he was a dynamic leader for the Four Seasons Hotel Concierge, leading the way for memorable experiences. Later promoted to Head of Security, Michael was the direct contact for countless high-profile elite clientele. Michael is an expert at connecting with clients and has a natural intuition for developing personalized solutions and strategies.

Shiho Nakagawa

Account Manager

Shiho started working at a major Japanese bookstore and experienced various positions across the retail and publishing industry. She moved to the U.S. in 2015 and was engaged in building e-commerce websites and web marketing as the e-commerce supervisor for the American market before joining IREP Inc. in 2021. She uses her experience to manage creative production, localization, and SEO consulting operations.

Chie Takeuchi

Account Manager

Chie began her career at Rakuten Inc. in Tokyo as an e-commerce marketing producer. During her time there, she successfully launched and managed marketing campaigns while also overseeing online advertising, website design, and PR. After moving to Los Angeles, she worked at a media company before joining Irep Inc. in 2021. Her tenacity, varied skill set, and client focused approach ensure she’s able to find creative solutions for different situation.

Daiki Noguchi

Account Manager

Prior to joining Irep, Daiki worked for a CPG food brand where he was responsible for its brick & mortar business, including new product development, PR, and outreach strategy. He then started pursuing his career in digital marketing and helped fortune 50 CPGs drive sales across e-commerce retailers at a digital adverting agency. He is passionate about working in client success, where he can support others towards achieving their goals.

Rina Wakasa

Account Manager

Rina started her career at Recruit Holdings in Tokyo. After years of devotion to clients’ success through an online rental housing marketplace, she dedicated herself to publishing a custom housing magazine as a Media Producer while executing promotional campaigns to grow sales for online/offline bookstores. Her passion for listening to customers while delivering products and services to better their lives led her to digital marketing.