American Cloud Communications Company ②


Increase Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) acquisition through Google/ Yahoo search advertising.


Because of language and cultural barriers, it was hard for our client to look into the actual search keywords in Japanese and determine its dominance by understanding people’s search intentions. In addition, our client provided a wide range of business solutions, which made it difficult to audit search keywords according to each service.

Our Solution

Keyword Audit – We found that some of the broad match keywords were incurring unnecessary costs. By investigating and optimizing keywords tied to each solution, we were able to reallocate costs and appeal to the right targets within our set quarterly budgets for Google/Yahoo search ads.


Overall, the Click Through Rate (CTR) increased by 14% while Cost per Click (CPC) decreased by 20%. Since the number of low quality Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) was reduced, the Conversion Rate (CVR) improved, which resulted in the quarterly SQL hitting 152% of our target.