American Mobile Gaming


Promote the client’s new gaming titles simultaneously slated for release worldwide and in Japan. Our secondary goal was to repair the client’s perception of marketing agencies after they were dissatisfied with the quality of their previous agency’s creative assets and professionalism.


The client could not manage all promotional and marketing tasks in-house. They required agency assistance purchasing media assets in Japan, implementing marketing and advertising best practices, and managing creatives and quality assurance.

Our Solution

We took charge of all the client’s media purchases in Japan, such as Yahoo!, as well as operational responsibility across marketing tasks. We also managed weekly meetings with media companies to ensure the most seamless process possible for our clients, from ad creation to implementation. Every week, we delivered four still images and two videos. Lastly, we prepared updated reports every three days then created and delivered the optimal PDCA cycle.


When the new gaming title was released, distribution reached approximately 50 million (excluding Facebook, Google, ADNW, and other in-house media). The client was delighted with the quality of our creative work compared to their previous agency. With our guidance, the client transitioned to in-house production and management of marketing tasks while outsourcing creative work. Currently, the client enjoys high CTR and CVR as well as other metrics. They are rated the best of the best in their industry.