American Cloud Communications Company


Lead generation in the Japanese market. Since the client’s innovative service was new to the Japanese market, our secondary objective was to raise brand awareness and educate the Japanese consumer about the service itself.


Though an in-house team managed all advertising, the client was unable to optimize their ads due to language and cultural barriers. Nor did their website have a dedicated Japanese landing page, and they were facing a lack of brand awareness in Japan.

Our Solution

We captioned the brand’s introductory video with Japanese subtitles and translated the original English language landing page into Japanese. We also managed search ads for the client on both Google and Yahoo! JAPAN, translated standard display creative (e.g., static banners), and designed a localized landing page tailored for the Japanese market. Lastly, we coordinated the publication of a sponsored interview article on popular B2B online media outlets to raise awareness of the brand and the service it provides.


Month on month, we improved click-through rate (CTR) by approximately 200%, while cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-action (CPA) both decreased by 50%. We achieved 175% of the target conversions (cv).