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The topic of “Web-based customer service” has been attracting attention in recent years. As the percentage of customers using EC sites increases, the customer service experience on websites has become vital. In this article, we will explain what web customer service is and how it is done with LINE.

1. The Importance of Online Customer Service In the COVID-19 crisis

The spread of the COVID-19 has had a significant impact on all parts of the country, with restrictions on leaving the house and recommendations to work remotely. Under such circumstances, it is natural that more people purchase products on the web. For companies whose in-store sales have been hit hard by the crisis, it is especially important to attract new customers through the website. The key to this is through website customer experience (CX). By providing a CX similar to a physical store through web-based customer service, you can improve purchase rates and reduce abandonment rates.

2. What is Web-based Customer Service?

The realization of the in-store customer service on the web

Web-based customer service aims to provide online customers with the same service level provided in a physical store. Users visiting a website have a variety of characteristics and needs, such as existing/new customers, gender, and interests. That is why web customer service tools, MA, and chatbots can be useful for optimized communication.

For example, you can offer a coupon when a user is unsure about a purchase or display chat support to whom is confused about the purchasing process.

ー Pros and cons of web-based customer service

Unfortunately, however, such tools will not lead to sales just by introducing them. From here, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of web-based customer service.

The advantage of web-based customer service is that it can provide customized services that are the best for individual users. You can increase visitors’ satisfaction by communicating with them at appropriate timing according to their interests and concerns. In addition, companies can expect increased sales, reduced abandonment rates, and improved conversions.

The disadvantage, on the other hand, is its scenario design difficulty upon implementation. For example, we need to think about which guidance to show after a user answers a question or how to process unexpected text, imagining how the users will use the chatbot. If the design is poor, users may be dissatisfied and leading to an increased abandonment rate. It is crucial to design the tools appropriately and further optimize them by verifying their effectiveness. Another disadvantage, some may say, is the cost. However, this may not be a one because these tools can produce sales significantly exceeding the cost if appropriately managed.

3. Web-based Customer Service with LINE

ー Features of web-based customer service

You can provide enhanced support with the official LINE account at the same level as the EC website by linking it with web customer service tools, MA, and chatbots. One of the strengths is that it can consistently acquire new customers and nurture existing customers. And that can be strengthened through web-based customer service.

From here, we will explain web-based customer service using LINE, focusing on its unique features and services.

(1) LINE Mini Apps

LINE Mini Apps is a feature that allows each company’s services to be run within the LINE App. The Mini Apps can be accessed by selecting Services from home screen. The concept was announced in June 2020, and some services are already running it in advance.

By using this, users can use your services without downloading a dedicated app. In addition, since companies can get usage data linked to users’ LINE accounts, they can develop measures in conjunction with their official LINE accounts.

(Figure 1: Relationship between LINE Mini Apps and official LINE account)
(Reference: LINE for Business Official LINE Mini Apps)

(2) LINE Login

LINE Login is a feature that allows users to register and log in using their LINE account quickly. This is convenient for users because they do not need to enter dedicated IDs and passwords when logging into services. As for companies, the advantage of using LINE login is the ease of linking membership information with users’ LINE accounts. This is a great opportunity for them to bring existing customers into official LINE accounts, so it is one of the features that companies with a membership system should implement.

(3) LINE Message Notifications

LINE Message Notifications is a feature provided by LINE Corp. that allows users to receive convenient notifications from companies’ official LINE accounts. With users’ acceptance to use this feature, they can receive message notifications without adding individual accounts as friends. Sent messages are limited to those that LINE Corporation deems useful and appropriate for the user. Messages for advertising purposes are not distributed.

* For more information on “LINE Message Notifications”

Yamato Transport, for example, provides LINE Message Notifications to notify package delivery dates. Likewise, if the messages are deemed useful for users, they can be sent directly to users not registered as friends with the official LINE account.

(Figure 2: “Message Notifications” from the official Yamato Transport LINE account)

(Reference: Yamato Transport, “About the “Message Notifications” from the official Yamato Transport LINE account”)

(4) Chat service

More and more companies are introducing chat services allowing users to make inquiries regardless of location or time. These inquiries can also be handled on LINE through manual chat and chatbots.

For example, UNIQLO runs an official LINE account dedicated to customer support in addition to its brand account. This customer support account utilizes a chatbot to answer frequently asked questions such as “reviewing orders,” “delivery,” and “returns/exchanges.” If the questions go beyond the chatbot’s capability, they are redirected to operators for further support. With this seamless communication with customers, UNIQLO has improved its CX.

4. Summary

Web-based customer service is becoming increasingly important as more emphasis is placed on EC sales. As a first step, it is essential to understand what web-based customer service is and what it can do. We, Irep Inc., provide operational support for official LINE accounts and EC one-stop support. Feel free to contact us.

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