【LINE】 Do You Know The Importance of Push Notifications with Official LINE Accounts?

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With over 84 million monthly users in Japan*1, LINE boasts an overwhelming reach and has become an integral part of a company’s social networking strategy. In this post, We will explain how to use “Push Notifications,” a feature important yet challenging, effectively.

*1: Based on “LINE Business Guide July-December 2020”

1. Review of User Leads on Official LINE Accounts

(1) The first touchpoint is the Push Notification

You may think that creatives are the emphasis on managing an official LINE account, but push notifications are also one of the elements for maximizing effectiveness. The number of users reading the message depends on the push notification content or the text on the talk list screen because users judge whether to read the message based on them.

figure1-user-flow-of -message notifications-from-official-line-accounts
Figure 1: User flow of “Message Notifications” from official LINE accounts

(2) Three patterns of users linked to official LINE accounts

Users can be grouped into three groups: unopened users, viewed users, and clicked users. In general, the number of “unopened users” tends to increase in proportion to the size of the account.

Figure 2: Image of user groups linked to official LINE accounts

2. How to Create and Set Effective Push Notifications

(1) Creating a Push notification is the same as naming a book or a news title

The number of characters available for push notifications is about 100. Because the user’s smartphone notification field is filled with other app notifications, you must differentiate your notification from them. The key to doing so is to express the appealing point straightforwardly. An eye-catching title on a news website is one of the examples. An effective notification is a notification that stimulates users’ curiosity with less than 15 characters.

(2) Understand how users see notifications

You can adjust the displayed content of push notifications according to the order of text and banner, and the way titles are entered. But We see that only a few corporate accounts are operating with how notifications are displayed in mind.

First, let’s understand the three main patterns of push notifications to improve them. There are three patterns of push notifications: the most common “Text + URL,” the “Symbol/emoji emphasized,” common among accounts understanding the importance of push notifications, and the “Single sentence,” not yet commonly used. Let’s look at the effects of these three patterns.

Figure 3: Three patterns of push notifications from official LINE accounts

(3) Single sentence recorded the highest viewing rate

We at Irep Inc. have run a comparison on the viewing rate of the three push notification patterns. The results showed that the “single sentence” notifications had the highest viewing rate.

We think that the following two factors contributed to this result. The first is its difficulty recognizing the message as from a corporate account. In LINE, a daily communication tool, short text messages may have been perceived as from friends and were more likely to be opened.

Second is its difficulty of understanding the content of the message due to less text. With more text, users can understand the content of the message without opening the message, impacting the viewing rate.

Figure 4: Viewing rate of push notifications from official LINE accounts per patterns

Based on the above, let us explain effective Push notifications.

3. How to Assess Effective Push Notificationsith LINE

(1) Effective push notifications vary from account to account

The demographics of users who are friends with corporate accounts vary between accounts. In other words, effective push notification in one case may not be effective in another account. Therefore, we need to assess push notifications to find a method that works for your account.

(2) Assessment of push notifications

The best way to assess push notifications for an account is an assessment by improvement factors. Improvement factors can be largely divided into “text” and “emoji,” with text being the length and appealing content and emoji being symbols and emojis. When assessing, these improvement factors are addressed to the target audience under the same conditions. By assessing the impact of each factor on the viewing rate, you can find the most appropriate push notification for your account.

Figure 5: Final touchpoints and improvement factors by user status of an official LINE account

4. Summary

Push notifications, as explained in this post, are essential for increasing the effectiveness of ad distribution through official LINE accounts, and a single improvement can significantly affect the viewing rate. Today, we have compared the three push notification patterns. We, Irep Inc., are providing operational support for official LINE accounts. Feel free to contact us.

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