Digitalizing real stores with LINE Mini Apps for free

The digital shift caused by COVID has drastically changed the purchasing behavior of consumers in the real world. Under the circumstance, how should companies with real stores approach consumers? We have invited Mr. Hitoshi Inamasu, the CEO of DOTZ, to talk about LINE Mini Apps, an app gaining great attention from the retail and service […]

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Three Key Planning Points that Determine the Success of Your LINE Official Account

LINE official accounts incur fees based on the number of messages broadcasted. Broadcasting messages without a plan will not generate results. Increasing cost effectiveness requires planning. This article explores three key planning points: Broadcasting, features, and attracting customers. 1. Coming up with a broadcast plan When coming up with a broadcast plan for LINE official […]

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【LINE】Acquiring friends using LINE Official Account

With more than 84 million monthly users in Japan*1, LINE boasts an overwhelming reach, and with more than 3 million corporate accounts*2, it has become an integral part of every company’s social media strategy. On the other hand, there are many accounts that are struggling to attract customers. This article introduces some measures that can […]

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【LINE】 Do You Know The Importance of Push Notifications with Official LINE Accounts?

Overview With over 84 million monthly users in Japan*1, LINE boasts an overwhelming reach and has become an integral part of a company’s social networking strategy. In this post, We will explain how to use “Push Notifications,” a feature important yet challenging, effectively. *1: Based on “LINE Business Guide July-December 2020” 1. Review of User […]

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【LINE】 Web-based Customer Service with LINE App

Overview The topic of “Web-based customer service” has been attracting attention in recent years. As the percentage of customers using EC sites increases, the customer service experience on websites has become vital. In this article, we will explain what web customer service is and how it is done with LINE. 1. The Importance of Online […]

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Irep inc. LINE Ads blog

【LINE Ads】Improve the Results with The Prime Ad Space “Small Image Ads”

Until recently, the LINE News space has been the primary ad location for LINE Ads. But now that contents are always displayed at the top of the talk list screen (commonly known as the “talk list ad space”), the amount of ads distributed to it is about to take over its place. With nearly 55 […]

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【LINE Ads】Review of 2020 and Products to Watch in 2021

Because LINE Ads have been evolving rapidly over the past few years, many of you may say you can’t keep up gathering information regarding their frequent updates. To reduce your hassle, we review the updates to LINE Ads in 2020 and introduce products to watch in 2021 in this post. 1. What is LINE Ads? […]

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