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Directly translating content is insufficient for connecting with a target audience in the Japanese and Asian markets. Localization is the process of adapting a product to a specific market and language. It encompasses a product in its entirety, from software to help files, documentation, packaging, and marketing materials.

We help companies adapt their digital assets—software, websites, and web applications (including gaming)—especially for the Japan and broader Asian market. To ensure the most authentic and highest quality work, our creative process mirrors that of the source language, from user interface translation to dialog resizing and software testing.

Product & Service

  • Localization strategy
  • Product design localization
  • Usability testing with prototypes
  • Local product testing and quality assurance
  • User interview
  • Localized website design and implementation
  • Copywriting in English and Japanese
  • English to Japanese translation

System & Software

  • DMP introduction and support
  • CRM/MA installation and support
  • Owned media construction
  • Distribution infrastructure maintenance
  • Installation of web analysis tools
  • Service and platform development