Actions to Take for the Google Optimize Support End in September 2023

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Google Optimize is an A/B testing tool provided by Google Inc. It can evaluate the design and page content of a website, such as ad landing pages, based on user behavior data. This post will summarize the end of Google Optimize support announced in January 2023 and will explain actions to take.

Google Optimize Support End Announcement

– Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will be discontinued on September 30, 2023

In January 2023, Google Inc. announced on its help page that Google Optimize and its paid version, Optimize 360, would end on September 30, 2023. Google Optimize was released in 2017 to improve UX. But due to the lack of sufficient features and services for testing led Google to decide to invest in a more effective solution.

– Investing in Google Analytics 4 A/B testing

Google also announced that it is investing in Google Analytics 4 A/B testing but there were no specific schedule or descriptions of features, and it is unclear whether the Google Analytics 4 A/B testing will be available in October 2023, right after the end of Google Optimize.

(Figure 1: Google Optimize Support End Announcement)

Reference: Google Optimize Support End – Optimize Help

Actions to take for October 2023

– Huge impact if you are a Google Optimize/Optimize 360 user

The companies using Google Optimize will get huge impact from this announcement. After the end of Google Optimize, such companies will need to change the A/B testing tool and thus, may need to change the A/B testing flow. It is recommended for such companies to take actions ASAP.

– Action : Consider and select an alternative A/B testing tool

If you were using Google Optimize and wish to continue A/B testing beyond October 2023, you will need to consider and select an alternative tool. In addition to understanding the functions and usage of the tool, preparation is required to use the tool such as installing tags on the website, measuring, etc. Therefore, earlier consideration of tools is better.

– Action 2: Download past data from Google Optimiz

Google was recommending users to download Google Optimize past data by September 30, 2023. Since it is unclear when reports and data will no longer be accessible after the end of support, past data should be downloaded from Google Optimize reports and kept as a file.

(Figure 2: How to export Google Optimize data)

Reference: Exporting Optimize Report Data – Optimize Help


This post summarized the Google Optimize support end announcement and explained needed action.

We also planning to introduce the Google Analytics 4 A/B testing feature when it is implemented. Even if you have not been doing A/B testing or using Google Optimize, by measuring data with Google Analytics 4 now, you will be able to work quickly to improve the user experience when the feature is added. If you have any questions about implementing or using Google Analytics 4, feel free to contact us.

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