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Display & Video 360 (hereafter referred to as DV 360) is a Google marketing platform launched in 2018, changing its name from the former DoubleClick Bid Manager service. Being DV 360, it has evolved into a service providing comprehensive integration of creatives, data, and media integration for campaign execution. While the service has become more user-friendly for advertisers, because of its wide usage, it may be difficult to understand its features to take advantage of it thoroughly. In this chapter, we will cover three elements that must be kept in mind to properly understand the wide variety of ad spaces DV 360 covers.

1. What is Display & Video 360?

Display& 360 is a DSP (Demand Side Platform)*1 provided by Google as one of its marketing platforms. It is commonly referred to as DV 360 and allows for everything from campaign planning, creative design management, audience data utilization, ad space search and purchasing, and campaign measurement optimization.

For an overview of DV 360, refer to our previous article, “It’s Never Too Late! All You Need to Know About Google’s DSP, Display & Video 360.”  In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the ad spaces that DV 360 supports.

*1: A DSP is a platform that places ads on multiple ad exchanges and ad networks.

2. 3 features regarding ad spaces of Display & Video 360

While DV 360 supports a wide variety of ad spaces, the following three features are unique to DV 360.

  1. Covers distribution to major SSPs (Supply Side Platform)*2
  2. The only DSP that can place ads on YouTube
  3. Can place ads in high-profile ad spaces in rapidly growing markets

By effectively utilizing these ad spaces, you can approach target users without missing a single moment.

*2: A SSP is a media-side platform that provides ad spaces.

(1) Covers distribution to major SSPs

DV 360 covers all major SSPs/Exchanges in Japan and is said to hold more inventory than Google Ads.

(Figure 1: Examples of deliverable major SSPs/ad exchanges)

It also offers a full range of prioritized deals (PMPs). By utilizing PMPs, you can place ads to premium ad spaces in preferential compared to auctions. In addition, by PMP distributing creatives and data previously delivered via pure advertising, you can manage ad placements and report uniformly.

In addition to the above, IREP can make special arrangements for low-unit-cost ad distributions and make custom packages by utilizing YIELDONE®, one of the largest SSPs in Japan, owned by the Hakuhodo DY Group.

(Figure 2: Example of PMP deliverable websites)
(2) The only DSP that can place ads on YouTube

By utilizing DV 360, you can place ads on Youtube. This is a key feature, as other DSPs cannot do this. When combined with the over-the-top (OTT) ad spaces and distribution described later, you can cross-control distribution FQ, including YouTube.

(Figure 3: Integrated FQ management)
(3) Can place ads in high-profile ad spaces in rapidly growing markets

In addition to major SSP ad spaces such as Google Ads, DV 360 can also distribute ads to the following high-profile market inventories:

■ OTT (Over-the-top) ad spaces

OTT (over-the-top) refers to video streaming services via the Internet, such as TVer. OTT ads are placed within those video contents and are expected to have high recognition due to their same characteristics as TV commercials, such as being viewed with sound and screen occupancy. Via DV 360, you can place ads on TVer and AbemaTV.

(Figure 4: Deliverable OTT ad spaces)

■ Audio ads

DV 360 also allows you to buy audio ad spaces. By distributing ads to music streaming services and Internet radio, you can reach out to people in their spare moments, such as when commuting to work. As of August 2020, DV 360 supports distribution to Spotify, radiko, and YouTube Music. By distributing audio ads via DV 360, you can integrally manage FQs*3 and measure listen-through CVs*4.

*3: Integrated FQ management is possible only between Spotify and radiko.
*4: Campaign Manager is required for listen-through CV measurements.

(Figure 5: Deliverable audio ad spaces)

■Taxi ads

DV 360 supports ad placements to Tokyo Prime, the largest signage network in Japan, covering 10 major cities. Utilizing a rich format with high image quality, large screens, and audio, Tokyo Prime reaches business and affluent taxi users. By placing ads via DV 360, you can obtain real-time reports for review.

(Figure 6: Deliverable taxi ad spaces)

3. Summary

In addition to major SSP ad spaces, DV 360 can collectively distribute ads to various ad spaces, such as audio ads and taxi ads. DV 360 is a great way to reach out to new users and to people in their spare time in their daily lives. In the next chapter, we will introduce the diversity of targeting of DV 360.

*For more information about Display & Video 360, contact Irep Inc., a GMP Certified Partner.

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