Three Benefits of Integrating GA4 and DV360

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Regarding the new Google Analytics GA4 property, this article will cover the benefits of linking it to DV360 and how to do that.

1. What is DV360?

DV360, short for Display & Video 360, is one of the Google Marketing Platform products. It is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)*1 provided by Google, holding more ad space inventory than Google Ads. It is also the only DSP with access to YouTube.

*1: A DSP is a platform that places ads on multiple ad exchanges and ad networks.

2. Benefits of linking GA4 and DV360

Although DV360 can be used as a stand-alone product, you can enjoy three extra benefits by integrating it with GA4, a web analysis tool.

  1. Can understand the results of DV360 campaigns on GA4 reports in combination with on-site data
  2. Can show and evaluate DV360 advertisers as channels in GA4’s cross-channel report
  3. And can migrate GA4 audiences and conversions to DV360 for campaign targeting and bidding adjustments

3. How to integrate GA4 and DV360

To integrate GA4 and DV360, you must have the Editor role for GA4 properties and the Admin role for DV360 advertisers.

  1.  On the GA4 Admin page, verify that the desired account and properties are selected.
  2.  Select “Display & Video 360 Linking” under “Product Linking” in the “Properties” column.
  3. Click the “Link” button on the displayed table.
  4. If you have the admin role for DV360 advertisers, click “Choose advertisers” next to “Link to Display & Video 360 advertisers|manage” to select the advertisers to link properties. (If you do not have the admin role for the desired advertiser, click “Send request” in the “Request access to other Display & Video 360 advertisers” row and select the desired advertisers. Then enter the advertiser ID and the administrator’s email address for each of the desired advertisers).
  5.  After selecting advertisers, click “Confirm.”
  6.  Click “Next.”
  7.  Check the following settings:
    — “Enable Personalized Advertising”: On by default. This setting allows Analytics data to be used to personalize ads.
    — “Enable Campaign Attribution”: On by default. When this setting is on, you can import Display & Video 360 campaign data.
    — “Enable Cost Data Reporting”: On by default. When this setting is on, you can import Display & Video 360 cost data.
    — “Enable auto-tagging”: On by default. Auto-tagging adds the dclid parameter to your landing-page URL when users click your ads to open your site page. The dclid parameter passes information such as source, medium, and campaign to GA.
  8. Click “Next,” confirm and submit the settings.

*For more information about Display & Video 360, contact Irep Inc., a GMP Certified Partner.

4. Summary

With the combination of GA4 and DV360, you can conduct targeting and bidding adjustments using massive data and review results in detail by combining the DV360 and GA4 data. If you have any questions or concerns about digital marketing using GA4, feel free to contact us.

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