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Display & Video 360 (hereafter referred to as DV 360) is a Google marketing platform launched in 2018, changing its name from the former DoubleClick Bid Manager service. Being DV 360, it has evolved into a service providing comprehensive integration of creatives, data, and media integration for campaign execution. But because of its wide usage, it may be difficult to understand its features to take advantage of it thoroughly. In this article, we will cover four features that you should keep in mind to understand what DV 360 is.

What is Display & Video 360?

DV 360 is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)*1 provided by Google. It can access major SSPs (Supply Side Platforms)*2 in Japan and holds more inventory than Google Ads. It is also the only DSP with access to YouTube.

*1: A DSP is a platform that places ads on multiple ad exchanges and ad networks.
*2: A SSP is a media-side platform that provides ad spaces.

(Figure 1: Inventory comparison of Google Ads and Display & Video 360)

4 Features of Display & Video 360

Display & Video 360 has the following 4 features:

  1. Largest inventory in Japan, exceeding that of Google Ads
  2. Various types of targeting
  3. Abundant creative formats
  4. Integrated media management and transparent reporting

Let’s take a look at each feature in detail.

(1) Largest inventory in Japan, exceeding that of Google Ads

In addition to what Google Ads covers, DV 360 can buy major SSPs, OTT (Over The Top) voice ads, and taxi ads. It can also distribute advertisements in a package, specifying categories (e.g., for women, BtoB) from a large inventory to post on websites.

*3: An OTT is a streaming media service providing video and audio content via the Internet.

(Figure 2: Deliverable Media by DV 360)
(Figure 3: Examples of category distributions)
(2) Various types of targeting

The targeting available on DV 360 is similar to that of Google Ads. You can utilize 1st and 3rd party data and remarketing lists from Google ads. Further, you can distribute ads to users with high viewability or use Floodlight tags to distribute ads to users likely to convert.

*3rd party data utilization for YouTube distribution is not available.

(Figure 4: Targeting list)
(Figure 5: List of available data)
(3) Abundant creative formats

In addition to each media format, DV 360 supports rich formats such as 3D and audio. Furthermore, if you link it to Google Studio, you can generate and place advanced creatives such as weather-linked and geo-data-linked creatives.

■Example of creative format:

(4) Integrated media management and transparent reporting

Buying via DV 360 allows controlled distribution across multiple media. By doing so, you can control FQ (frequency) per ad, enabling more efficient ad placements. DV 360 can also easily report integrated results of multiple media by setting up indicators and dimensions.

(Figure 6: Integrated media distribution and management)
(Figure 7: Integrated FQ management)


By understanding the 4 features of DV 360, it is easier to imagine how to utilize DV 360. And because it can be used from awareness to acquisition, it is crucial to optimally select media, targeting, and creatives that match the KPI. In the subsequent chapters, we will explain in detail the various functions of DV 360.

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