Everything You Need to Know When Starting a Corporate YouTube Channel

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Many companies want to start their own YouTube channel, but don’t know where to start. They have questions like, “How do I configure SEO for YouTube?” and “Where do I begin when creating content?” This article explains everything you need to know when setting up a corporate YouTube channel.

YouTube Today

Media Consumption in Japan

Among the various video platforms, YouTube is by far the most popular. Its popularity took off with the rise of smartphones. By July 2021, it’s recognition in Japan reached 96.9%, with a usage rate of 65.8%.1 This suggests that YouTube use is common across both genders from teens all the way to those in their 50s.

(Figure 1: Recognition and usage rates of video services)

Furthermore, the number of users watching YouTube on their televisions is increasing. Among the 65 million YouTube users, 15 million (as of March 2020)2 watch it on television. Now there are remote controls with a YouTube button, suggesting that YouTube is beginning to replace television.

*1: Source: NTT Docomo Mobile Society Research Institute “Video Service Usage and YouTube Usage Trends” 

*2: Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Survey Report on Information and Communications Media Uisage Time and Information Behavior in FY2019”

YouTube as a Trend Setter

Given the rise of YouTube in recent years, it’s become a place where trends are born.

A ranking of trending words in 2021 included many words and phrases made famous by YouTubers. Many celebrities have also started their own YouTube channels. There was even one artist whose video on YouTube went viral on other social media platforms, leading to their appearance at a singing competition. In short, YouTube is becoming a place where trends are created.

YouTube as a Marketplace

YouTube is also a strong media platform in terms of selling products. A survey researching the consumption activities of those in their teens to their 20s shows that over 20% of people have made a purchase after watching a video.3 Videos show details that can’t be shown on websites and enables prospective customers to see the actual product in use and hear honest reviews. As a result, the video is thought to lead to conversions for many users.

(Figure 2: Survey on consumption activities)

*3: Source: TesTee Lab “TesTee Survey: YouTube Usage of Young Generations Surpasses 90% with Over 50% of Women in their 10s Buying Products After Watching a Video

Using YouTube for Marketing

The Difference Between YouTube Video Ads, YouTuber Collaborations, and YouTube Channel Operations

There are three methods of marketing using YouTube: YouTube video ads, collaborating with YouTubers, and operating a YouTube channel.

  • YouTube video ads
    These are the video ads that are displayed to viewers before watching a video. Ads include bumper ads, which can’t be skipped for the first 6 seconds, as well as skippable in-stream ads.

  • YouTuber Collaborations
    This method includes having YouTubers introduce your product or service to their fans with the expectation that it’ll increase their awareness and willingness to purchase.

  • Operating a YouTube Channel
    This method involves companies starting their own YouTube channel and posting their own content.

Using these marketing methods based on your needs can produce results. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to operate your own YouTube channel.

The Benefits of Having a Corporate YouTube Channel

There are three benefits to operating a YouTube channel.

Benefit 1: Operating a YouTube channel enables you to deliver detailed information to prospective customers.

Users tend to focus on detailed usage and reviews when looking at posts on social media.4 Because YouTube allows users to post long videos and convey detailed information, it’s easier to post content that users are demanding. Thus, compared to other social media platforms, YouTube is more suited to responding to the needs of users who are looking for content that includes detailed usage and reviews.

(Figure 3: What users look for in social media posts)

*4: Macbee Planet: “Most Popular Social Media Platform for Stimulating Intent to Purchase is YouTube at 30%. Instagram is the Most Popular Among Those in Their 10s to 20s at 60%”

Benefit 2: Operating a YouTube channel will attract people who are empathetic to your brand concept.

Some companies using YouTube channels have accounts that stream “morning routines” and short dramas, which are popular content on YouTube, with the aim of increasing engagement with their e-commerce sites. All of these are in line with the brand’s worldview and are linked to gaining empathy for the brand concept through the contents. In addition, some corporate accounts feature employees who actually work for the company in the videos and illustrate the steps leading to the development of the product as well as the voices of the developers. These corporate accounts provide content that is not usually seen, such as behind-the-scenes of product development, to help people better understand and like their products.

By delivering videos from a branding perspective tailored to the characteristics of YouTube and the real voices of frontline employees through YouTube, companies are able to communicate different aspects of corporate activities that can’t be conveyed through conventional ads, leading to viewers feeling empathy.

Benefit 3: Operating a YouTube channel allows you to approach customers beyond ad targets.

In recent years, ads have been optimized for delivery, so that only what the user wants to see reaches that user. We’re entering a difficult era for web ads to reach users. This is where the “filter bubble” comes in.

The filter bubble is a phenomenon in which users search for and look at only the information that interests them on the internet. This is the result of improved algorithms and systems that automatically determine what information users are likely to want to see based on information such as past click history and search history. In order to convey information on a YouTube channel, ads must be converted into content suitable for YouTube. This conversion to content allows the ad to pass through the filter as something that users can relate to. This filter bubble enables the information that a company wants to convey to reach a segment of the population that was originally unreachable.

Thus, having a YouTube channel enables the delivery of detailed information for users to consider. It also enables companies to output information on their brand and deliver ads to approach user groups that were previously unreachable.

Furthermore, operating a YouTube channel while delivering ads enables the use of data in a reciprocal manner. By knowing not only the account information, but also what kind of preferences the user has, it’s possible to deliver ads and creatives with more accurate targeting.

YouTube Content Produced by Irep

At Irep, we handle the entire process from planning/production, casting, reporting, and ad delivery in streamlined manner. This makes it possible to go through the PDCA process rapidly.

– Full Use of Marketing from Planning to Casting

As one of the leading digital agencies in Japan, Irep has spearheaded numerous digital initiatives. We’re now looking to utilize the marketing knowledge we’ve accumulated thus far to plan YouTube content, unraveling for each company the positioning of YouTube channels in their corporate activities, and determine what information should be delivered to consumers through the content.  We’re looking to show the significance of hiring an agency rather than a production company by engaging in planning utilizing a marketing approach, which is the first step in YouTube channel management. In addition, by using a variety of tools, Irep is promoting the science of planning and even casting. We determine the direction of planning and casting based on research into the attributes and behavior of people who have made search actions by using Google search data.

Specialists for Producing and Editing YouTube Content

Irep assigns specialists who specialize in the production and operation of YouTube channels. Our specialists work closely with the company to determine how to express what the company wants to convey on YouTube to produce content that is neither a TV show nor an ad video. We’ve formed partnerships with a number of production companies that have extensive experience in YouTube operation to provide full operational support.

Posts, SEO, and Reporting for Effective PDCA

We analyze distribution results from the perspective of YouTube SEO, utilizing YouTube Analytics, a tool used to analyze YouTube statistics, and present challenges/measures for the future based on the effectiveness of search keywords and analysis of competing channels. Based on the analysis data, we’ll set KPIs, develop strategies, and propose creative improvements, effectively implementing the PDCA cycle.

Package Deals at Irep

Basic Plan

This is the most basic plan and includes 4 videos per month using our specialized method. This is recommended for companies that want to produce 1 video per week consistently.

Special Plan

In addition to the Basic Plan, we’ll assign an experienced broadcaster/production company to create a special video using luxurious filming and art styles.

Trial Plan

This plan involves creating one video on a trial basis. An influencer with thousands of followers is assigned, and reports on the product/service are generated.

Consulting Plan

For companies that have already started posting on YouTube, we can provide consulting reports based on an analysis of statistics on YouTube Analytics.


Irep has a team specializing in operating YouTube channels for companies interested in creating content. As YouTube professionals, we help companies create content that brings their services and products to a wider audience.

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